Wednesday, February 2, 2005

yay for communicable diseases

i am happy to report that i made a 95% on my epidemiology exam. i was QUITE pleased with myself, i have to admit. especially considering that i studied (cumulatively) for about 6 hours AND skipped about 50% of the lectures. it's hard to be such a genius :-) no - i'm kidding. if anything, vet school does not make me feel like a genius - although - i am doing stellarly (is that a word?) this semester. i have 3 As now and 3 Bs and 1 B+.
in defense of my good grades, i spent a great deal of last semester feeling stupid. repeatedly.

today was a nice day. i feel so relaxed and good right now. even though my parasitology midterm is looooooooming (friday morning), i feel pretty mellow. this morning was rough though. it took an act of willpower that i thought far beyond myself to get out of bed. after snoozing a RECORD 7 times, at 7:30, i dragged myself from bed (i have to leave by 7:40 - at the latest - to be on time). i managed to scrub the sleep from my eyes and grab stuff - and make it to school. only to find that our 8 am class was cancelled because the prof is ill. i was a wee depressed about that - after struggling so much to get up. then i saw my epidemiology grade, which brought my spirits up. our 11a class was cancelled today too - though i knew about that beforehand. so we only had 2 classes this morning. i made it through 1 - yawning my head off. my teacher even told me not to stare at the clock during lecture. i was a wee annoyed. at least i was conscious. there is a girl in our class that sits in the FRONT row and slumps over every single day. i was just clock watching. anyway, after that class, i ditched and went home to sleep. i got a nice 2 hour nap in, before going back to school for our anatomy lab practical "quiz" - 11 questions covering about 300 possible specimens. a bit daunting. i think i did well, though. tomorrow will reveal the truth.

there is absolutely nothing else to talk about with me. i find that life has narrowed to several things: school, studying, bird care, cleaning up my disgusting house, and having brief conversations with my husband.

and now i'm helping plan a wedding.

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