Monday, February 28, 2005

maybe something besides whining?

i'm (as is completely commonplace these days) running on a negligible amount of sleep. but i feel strangely good. i decided to come home for lunch today, when normally i hang around school and eat cafeteria style food from the munchbox. (on that note, i really should pay my escalating tab ...) it's nice to be home with a deadline for going back to school and "doing things" - i can enjoy a moment of relative mental peace. it could be that i'm just utterly sleep deprived and thought - stressful or otherwise - is completely impossible ... but i think it's being in my home...with my birdie chillun, and the rain falling outside.

so, i went home this weekend, to visit my extended family. and of course, i had to "overstudy" yesterday for what i perceived as my slackerhood on saturday. i went to the library at 4p and stayed till 10p. i then came home and pounded out 4 more hours at parasitology before calling it a night. i allowed myself to read a bit before going to bed - though it lessened my sleep. i find reading before bedtime a nice way to mentally unwind. i'm reading 'the virgin suicides' (again). it's so easy to read, it's not a mental puzzle, and i love it. It might be lazy to read a book i've already read - but hey - whadda i care? I'm a vet student. i can do what i want with my (free)time.

i guess i should talk about something other than school occasionally. i'm sure people would like to know what i do with the other 10 minutes of my day. hah.

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