Tuesday, March 1, 2005

my day(s)

for sh*ts and giggles, an example of my daily schedule:

6:50 - alarm blares deafeningly in my ear, i hit snooze
6:57 - alarm again, i hit snooze. again.
7:04 - snoooze (again)
7:11 - drag myself into birdroom, squint at awful brightness that is overhead light, wake birdies
7:12 - take titus to toilet to "go poop"
7:15 - drag carcass over to shower
7:17 - realize i am standing in a stupor next to shower, climb in, put various birds on various
perches in/around shower, scald self because eyes aren't sufficiently open to see shower
7:19 - struggle to remember chronological order of shampoo/conditioner/body wash - shaving is
a laughable impossibility
7:25 - drag self from shower, curse clock, listen to titus in shower singing opera (eg yelling) while
searching frantically for ANYTHING clearn to wear (note to self : DO LAUNDRY)
7:30 - stumble to kitchen, fix birdie breakfasts, consider breakfast for self, realize i don't have
time (never changes)
7:35 - start to rush - stuff birds in cages with food, forget to close a cage or two, rush to den
7:36 - pack up all accoutrements - CDs, CD player, books, notes, lab coat and dissection kit,
and all other necessaries for any self-respecting bag lady
7:40 - scramble for keys, cell phone, purse, dash to car
7:41 - realize that i probably left bird cages open, rush back inside, close cages
7:42 - gather a few more supplies that are absolutely necessary for my learning process
7:45 - cram stuff into car, speed through school zone, proceed down neyland drive at 65 mph
(WITH flow of traffic)
7:52 - park, make it to seat with about 3 mins till bell (yes, we have a bell)
8:00 - if in micro anatomy, physiology, or epidemiology - start new york times crossword
8-12p - zone out, do crossword, study for other classes, fight sleepiness, sleep, occasionally take
notes when something sounds important
12-1 - "relax" at lunch
1-2 - lecture usually (eg post lunch nap)
2-5 - lab of some sort = spacing out and occasional dissection
5:30 - home for dinner
6-7p - nap (if i'm lucky) and putting birdies to bed - jim is home in the afternoons to let them out
for which i am SO grateful
7:30-2/3am - go to library, hide in ABLEs room, study frantically - lament my lack of time to
ever accomplish anything - berate myself for poor time management skills,
get some studying done
3ish - bedtime.
6:50 - alarm blares...........................................

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