Wednesday, March 30, 2005

further proof that vet school has sucked up my life

i don't post much unless i'm actually in school (which i'm not now, as this is ABLEs week) that's just more evidence that my life centers around school. i'm working to change that, though. my grades are great - they don't have to be perfect, right? i made an 83 on my last physiology test (the one that i went and took later in the daybecause of my "incident"). that pretty much solidifies my B...not that i can complain, considering i only studied the night before for the test. at any rate, i'm working to be more relaxed, to enjoy school and life more, to stop driving myself so hard. i've got some weird perfectionist tendencies buried beneath my less perfectionist ones.

i don't feel much better mentally. still kind of dazed and confused - and not always sure what day it actually is. i still feel like time is flying - and i do mean FLYING - by me. days blend into weeks, weeks into months --

i read the divine secrets of the yaya sisterhood over break (i finished it last night). i thought it royally inhaled... (sucked). it was melodramatic, badly written, and completely ... phony. the way people talked in the book - well, i could never see myself or anyone i know interacting in that manner. maybe i missed the point or something, but i thought it was a crappy book. i expected it to be about female empowerment and friendship - but it smacked of maudlin, borderline lesbianism. i don't know. i just didn't enjoy it much. and i fully expected to. i wish i had read something else. what, i'm not sure - perhaps renal physiology...the test for which is looming only 2 weeks in the distance?

i went to dinner tonight at rhiannon and andrew's. it's weird to think of rhiannon's house as my brother's now, too. i don't think the whole marriage thing has quite sunk in yet. too surreal when considering this entire semester. almost like it didn't happen - pictures to prove it nonwithstanding. andrew flies back to kuwait tomorrow for the next 8-12 months. i'm trying not to already start worrying. dinner was nice. andrew cooked hamburgers for us.

well, i've procrastinated enough. i need to do something related to actual school. and no, ABLEs does not count.

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