Friday, February 11, 2005

midterm over and done with

yay. i just finished my virology midterm. the studying was long and tedious - about 11 hours yesterday and about 11 hours the day before that. it's been a very, very long week. it seemed to last an eternity. but next week is ABLEs week! for those of you who don't know - ABLEs week is "catch up" week. well - not really - but we try. ABLE stands for application based learning exercises. we are placed in a small group for a week, given a single medical case, and we develop learning issues, do research, and finally come to a consensus on treatment, disease, and everything else. it's supposed to be intensive - but most people coast that week. a lot of people don't even study during ABLEs. i - however - have so much catching up to do that i will be studying parasitology, writing an article on metabolic bone disease for an article competition, and working on a presentation to give to cub scouts about being a vet (to help them earn merit badges). ciao!

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