Saturday, February 5, 2005

3 am and bleary eyed

why am i still awake? this has been the week from hell - with no reprieve in sight. and it's 3 am, and i'm still up. after not napping today - and doing a full 4 hours of lecture 2 hours lab (a short day!)...and getting my step and doing aerobics and dinner and 3 hours of sex and the city with alison...

i've had such a bad week. school has sapped me mentally, physically, and emotionally. i feel like a short-circuiting robot. wires and gadgets and fuses all exposed and sparking frantically. i'm trying so damned hard to keep it all in perspective. to take it one freaking day at a time and to realize that my life is incomparably rich and easy. but i have an anatomy test on monday that i am nowhere near ready for - a phys quiz on wednesday that i have not prepared for yet, and a virology midterm on friday. how in the name of all that is holy can it be midterm already? is that just a phrase they stick in front of the 1st test in a class that only has 2?

today was fun, after school got out. i drove a friend to west in my new car ... and ran out of gas on the strip - in midafternoon traffic. thank god we were 50 feet from a gas station. that was fun though. jim, alison, dee, jess, and sharon all joined me for dinner at cracker barrel, which was a thoroughly enjoyable time- and then alison and i had a semi- heart to heart regarding life, love, and how absolutely screwed up woman our in comparison to men. sometimes, i wish i'd been born a man - it seems so much easier. except for the random erections in inappropriate places - being a man is fairly uncomplicated.

i can't think straight now and will probably edit this post in the morning (*ahem* morning on sat being 1pm).

peace out yo

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