Monday, February 21, 2005

school update

class got rip-roarin' today, after a week of able. it was a loooooooooooong day. class from 9a-5:15p. my group is clean-up crew in the gross anatomy lab this week, so we were stuck at school pretty late. i guess i don't have to say that it sucked. at any rate, we got our grades back for our first micro anatomy test. i made an 85. i was pretty happy with that - considering i studied for all of 7 hours (really for 12, but i goofed off a bit of that, i have to say)...

at this point, i have 3As and 2 Bs. i have three other classes in which i haven't had a test or quiz yet, so those grades are still undetermined. i haven't much else to say. i'm not ready to be back in class or studying. i want ables to last forever. why can't vet school be one giant able?

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