Friday, February 18, 2005

wedding, then florida bound

my brother, andrew, is getting married on sunday at 3:30 to my good friend rhiannon. i introduced them...and now they're getting married. like dee and alison. i have a high ratio of friend to family marriages so far. at any rate, i'm about to leave for greeneville to go and help prepare for the wedding. my responsibilities include all the food (40 people) and the flowers (i'm making the bouquets and corsages). on monday, i'm leaving (with sharon) for ft lauderdale to stay with our friend, jess. she's flying down tomorrow. we're going to lie on the beach, drink pina coladas, and try to forget that vet school exists for a while

i would love to write more, but i don't have time presently. so, i'll leave it at this...i have mucho to say. but i'll have to wait.

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