Sunday, February 13, 2005

good times girly night.

in honor of my quickly fading youth, i decided to throw a slumber party - complete with bowling, bad 80s movies, and sleeping bags. i can't remember the last slumber party i attended - (or held - for that matter). it was so much fun (as the pictures show). i met up with about 20 my girl and guy friends last night - here at the house. we then went to cosmic bowling at AMF down the road. we bowled for 2 hours, drank a lot of beer, and ate a lot of greasy bowling alley food. then, the guys were sent home - and the girls came back to my place for movies, pizza, and giggling. we spent the first part of the night listening to really bad 80s music (that i cherish) - and teaching each other dances we could remember - like the electric slide and the tush push. we just hung out, drank wine, and talked. it was so - - - like being 10 again. except for the wine. then, when everyone was inebriated by various means and to various degrees, we bedded down on to floor of my living room with our sleeping bags and blankies and pillows - and watched 'pretty in pink' and 'the lost boys.' we were up till 4:30am. we only slept till 8:30 this morning, then we sat in our sleeping bags and talked for 2 hours. at around 10:30, i crawled from the warm haven of the floor and made my fabulous french toast for my 9 overnight guests.

i had a great time.

i always have party anxiety - that no one will show up, that it won't be fun. but these people - people i've only known for a semester and a half - are already like a family to me. there's no uncomfortable-ness at all when i hang out with them. vet school kind of forces you onto each other and sometimes - those friends are all you have. especially when you spend 15-19 hours a day at school - and see them more than your husband, your real family, or your pets. i'm really different from most of them - as far as the way i think and the things i enjoy doing - but i still find them to be such good friends ... vet school has already taught me a lot about my own judgemental nature. i'm learning to let go of it -slowly. i guess that's all to report here. i need to start studying for my physiology exam.

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