Wednesday, February 9, 2005

how do i hate thee vet school? let me count the ways.

i would feel utterly alone and distressed right now if it weren't for the fact that all my classmates feel the same as i do. this semester is punishment like no other. and for what we are being punished, i am unsure. for getting into vet school? for wanting to be good doctors? it is sheer awfulness. we had a test on monday, which i left feeling GREAT about it - and wound up making an 83.5 on. we had a quiz today - which was so completely poorly written that the class nearly mutinied after it was over. there were actual outcries of anger and disgust over the teacher and his methods (or lack therof) of teaching/testing. and to top it all off, on friday, we have a midterm in virology. yes, half of our grade is going to be decided in one test. one test that i have hardly prepared for. it's really depressing.

last night was interesting. i had a ton of studying to do. so what did i do? i went home, had dinner, took a nap, woke up, felt so miserly that i actually went back to sleep and didn't get up for the night. so i got 12 hours of sleep last night. and no studying. i feel terrible. but rested.

alright, class was cancelled today (anatomy) - so i am going to sit here in this badly lit, clausterphobic room with my two friends and study virology. love to everyone - keep me and my struggles in your thoughts. i need lots of positive thoughts!

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