Wednesday, February 2, 2005

gratuitous posting?

i don't know when posting gets out of hand. twice a day? 37 times a day? hard to say. maybe i should push the limits and find out. on the other hand, as far as i can tell, the only person reading my blog is dee. and jim, when i force him, too. and jessie of course. okay. nevermind. i have no point. hey people, make comments so that i know you're there!

i've just spent 6 hours in a stationary position, making notecards for anatomy and parasitology. it was actually fun - arts and craft-like. i even used a glue stick. and my notecards are so pretty! yes, it might be busywork, but i actually learned quite a bit by drawing diagrams and coloring my dissection book. sounds silly, but it's true. i swear it on the vet school. jim is still up, probably waiting on me to retire. from my vantage point (right next to him), he appears to be playing a computer game with a main character that is a giant eagle in a spacesuit. i don't know.

i want to talk about something besides school. but i can't think of anything. so i'll talk about school. good news. i've been accepted as a COE (center of excellence) student for this summer. that means i'm paired with a team of doctors, and i spend the summer working closely with them on whatever research they are currently doing. i am paired with a team that is examining nutrition in birds as related to immune function. i wish i knew more about it, but i have no clue. i know that i will drawing blood from birds (some parrots, mostly poultry and pigeons). i'm really thrilled. plus, it's a guaranteed (yes! paid!) job for the summer. AND it looks great on my resume, gives me experience, and helps expand my horizons in general. i'm pretty excited.

i'm not any closer to deciding about the army. the more i think about it, the more i'm tempted to do it. but i'm scared of commitment. especially to the US government.

why can't i talk about anything but school? politics? art? literature? oh yes, because those things have ceased to exist for me. i couldn't begin to tell anyone what's going on politically except that the pope is ill and ...... condoleeza rice took powell's place (but ain't that old news?).

ok, i'm going to bed.

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