Monday, June 15, 2009


so the last few days have been an emotional roller coaster. first, it's that time o'the month soon. that alone makes me a walking emotional time bomb. secondly, our offer was accepted on the dream house - only to have the mortgage people come back and say "whoops, sorry that no one mentioned this before...but since you haven't passed the NC state board yet, your job contract is revocable, and therefore - doesn't count!"

no worries. that was (in all likelihood) straightened out. it has taught me a valuable lesson though. i'm not getting excited about the dream house. i'm just going to pack and plan and not think too much about it in the concrete fashion. oh, and do the oodles of stupid paperwork required.

the husband is teaching a summer course. we needed the money to help with the moving expenses/down payment, so he took it. of course, it requires that he be in ktown 5 days a week (mon-friday). so, i'm alone during the week.

further, i'm packing like mad. i hate delaying and i hate the cleaning and sorting and throwing away stuff that comes with moving. so i get a good long head start on the actual move (our closing date is july 15. supposedly). i have one whole room completely cleaned out.

add on top of that the fact that jim and i have blazed through the final season of battlestar galactica in the last 24 hours, and i'm a crying, incoherent mess.

just in case you feel like mocking me for watching BSG (which people have) - i dare you to sit down and watch the miniseries that started it all and NOT get hooked. if you can do that, then hats off! in all likelihood, you'll find yourself devouring whole seasons in a week until you get to the final, devastatingly emotional, gut-wrenchingly sad, and yet hopeful finale.

it's good, people. but it tears your guts out first. i've never felt like characters were so real. it's the only show that's made me cry as much as band of brothers - and that WAS real.

i'm just sayin'.

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Hermit Thrush said...

Moving is no fun. Neither is house buying. Stress!
I've never seen Battlestar Galactica though I heard people talking about in the elevator today at work! I did get into Babylon 5 a long time ago which is saying a lot because I'm not a generally a science fiction fan.

I enjoyed your recap of you first night as an ER vet. I kind of miss the madness of emergency medicine, it makes you feel really really alive! And challenged, in a good way.