Tuesday, June 23, 2009

On an empty stomach.

Mrs Green: "Jimmy has been vomiting for 2 days, and he hasn't touched any food for over 72 hours. He eats things all the time that he shouldn't. His belly really hurts him, and he cries when you touch it." (All this said of a Labrador that looks bouncy and vibrant).

My colleague: "You're sure he's eaten nothing at all? He's vomited copiously for 2 days?"

Mrs Green: "Oh yes, I just know he has something stuck."

Xrays: soft tissue density in what should be a very empty stomach

Exploratory surgery: stomach full of chicken.

Mrs Green at 3am post-operatively: "Oh well, yes, he did eat all the chicken we fed him today, but absolutely NOTHING ELSE."

My colleague: Speechless.


DrSteggy said...

I just read all 4 of these recent posts (the parvo pup made me want to puke too) but this one made me laugh out loud. Wow.

Tayaki said...

that was the stupidest amount of money spent ever. and poor pup for being opened up for no reason.