Monday, June 8, 2009


i'm tired. we spent the weekend looking for a house to buy, found one successfully that i absolutely adore (especially the gourmet's kitchen with granite countertops, tons of counterspace, and uber-new stainless steel appliances, including this), and made an offer. now, i'm home after being away for a week. i'm having a yard sale friday through sunday, so i really need to get motivated and start packing and cleaning and organizing so as to be ready.

all i want to do is sit here. i'm working relief tomorrow night, which will throw off my preparation, as well. it will be my first night as the ONLY doctor in the hospital. i will be IN CHARGE. i will also have an intern working under me. HAHAHHAHAHA. i think it's obvious why i find that so amusing.

i'm sure i'll post something interesting soon.

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