Tuesday, June 23, 2009

No way she coulda done that...

Me: "Mrs Hillperson, your puppy seems to be bleeding internally - into both the chest cavity and the abdomen. Her clotting times are off the chart high. Could she have gotten into rat poison?"

Mrs Hillperson: "No, absolutely not."

Me: "We're sure?"

Mrs Hillperson: "Nope, no rat poison. Now, we caught her brother with a mouthful of it about a week ago, but not her - she wouldn't do that!"

Me: "You might want to bring in your other dog while we start treating the first one..."

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rgcarr said...

Well you apparently have better people skills than me. I would have probably said something nasty, or not, being passive-aggressive. Hope you have a wonderful birthday anyway!!Can't believe the day was 30 years ago. I remember it very clearly, like it was yesterday. Love you, Mom