Wednesday, June 10, 2009


my first night as an ER doctor was..........................

wait. there are no words. ok. there are some.

in 25 minutes, the following patients presented as "tech to the front" (meaning get yer ass up here stat and get this animal!!): a hit by car dog with pelvic fractures, a dog fight with puncture wounds all over his face, chest, and rear limbs, another hit by car with horrendous pelvic fractures and pulmonary contusions, an eclampsia dog, a cat that drank antifreeze, a gunshot wound through the chest, a dog with a possible torsed spleen (turned out to be splenic lymphoma), a cat with a waxing/waning fever, another dog attack that had been maced...and finally - the piece de resistance: the mother of all emergencies - yes, folks - on my FIRST night as the SOLE ER doctor - i had a GDV (gastric dilatation and volvulus). of course the owners were all "here's $3000, now go fix our dog immediately!

it is noon. my shift "ended" at 8am. i am just now getting home, and i feel like i've been repeatedly beaten with a cotton sledgehammer.

but i rocked it, folks. i really really did.

this morning, i was treated horrendously by a lunatic owner - my voice actually rose to a non-inside voice level...i'll be honest...

more details to come later. i must sleep.

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Nicki said...

I think i'll keep to daytime practice. but way to go on handling all that!