Friday, June 26, 2009

For giggles

It's 5am, I'm really tired, and there are 2 emergencies on their way for laughs, information I gleaned from patient charts:

Reason for visit: "kidneys locking up" (Locking up for what - the night? Doors close at 5pm?)

Breed of dog: cheewawa (Hukd on fonix werks for me!)

Reason for visit to ER clinic: "emergency" (Really? I thought you came in for a pedicure!)

Name of owner: Doctor Charles X. Actual job: english professor.

Breed of dog: Daniff. This is a great dane crossed with a mastiff. We call it a mutt. Also might be known as the following: dog with 100% chance of gastric-dilatation and volvulus, dog sure to be unruly and untrained and to develop epilepsy and require frequent hospitalization for seizure monitoring...

Reason for visit: "sick" (Gee, I thought your cat just wanted to visit the vet)

And that's only a brief sample of 3 days worth of work!

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Megan Watland said...

Haha... We had a dog present to ER with "high fema of the right eye" a few weeks ago. Thank goodness- I mean, high fema we can do something about, but low fema is really bad news.