Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I think I have parvo now.

Me: "I'm sorry to have to tell you this, but Mr Giggles has parvovirus. Are you familiar with this disease?"

Mr X: "Oh yeah, my last pit bull died of that."

Me: "Ummm...are you familiar with the parvo vaccine?"

Mr X: "Yeah, but that's too much money to spend. I could just buy another one for the cost of that shot. You can go ahead and put Mr Giggles down."

Mr X to son: "We'll just buy another puppy, son."

Me: Swallowing vomit.


Shannon said...

I'm stunned speechless.


These people shouldn't be allowed to have animals, let alone reproduce.


Nicki said...

nice. i think i have a lot of clients like that.

Elizabeth said...

I really want you to be making this up but sadly I know you are not...

Tayaki said...

that's just evil. hope he gets crabs.