Tuesday, January 16, 2007

thoughtful piece on the comparisons between vietnam and india

i read a good book once called 'useful idiots' - the title making reference to lenin's comment that the media liberals in america were useful idiots. the book was, of course, not an objective work - but it was very well-researched, and it was very, very sad. it talked a great deal about vietnam and how it was a war not lost on the battlefield but rather via the media. i knew very little about vietnam before i read this book, despite having a vietnam vet for a father, but this book was very detailed and very interesting. but so, so depressing. at any rate, i was checking out neal boortz's site. for those of you who don't know boortz, he's a libertarian radio talk show host. at any rate, he had a link to a very thoughtful article written by thomas sowell comparing iraq to vietnam. please give it a read, regardless of your feelings on iraq. it's very well-written, not too long, and definitely worth the time:


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