Tuesday, January 16, 2007

not much to talk about

school is underway - with a rip-roaring 6 non-stop hours of lecture on friday. and i mean NON-STOP. since i'm taking advanced imaging modalities, which is taught on fridays, during lunch. i don't enjoy a single core class this semester. we only have 4 this last time around - but i also have 4 electives. our core classes are large animal orthopedics, small animal orthopedics, dermatology, and oncology. with the exception of oncology, i couldn't care less about the rest of them...

hrm. i fixed my hair finally. i had my hairperson (as if it's ever the same one) cut the red out mostly, highlight everything my natural color of blonde, and then give me a stylish cut. for $130 i'm very pleased with the result. she did a fantastic job. isn't that boring?

yesterday and last night were fun/exhausting. we had a belated birthday party for jim. and by we, i mean me. i cooked for 7 - dan, gabby, alison, dee, jim, sam, and myself. 2 homemade chicken pot pies, a salad, homemade mashed potatoes, and steamed broccoli and cauliflower. it was damned good, if i do say so myself. then, we all sat around, drank wine/beer/etc and played jim's ms pacman game. we followed that up with david lynch's masterpiece (arguably his darkest film, though mulholland drive is fairly dark) 'lost highway'. i'd never seen it before, and i loved it. which brings me back around to inland empire. why, david, why??

i'm sitting here doing absolutely nothing. the house is spotless, even dusted, since we had so many people over yesterday. the birds are relatively quiet. it's a 3 day weekend, and the studying hasn't really ratcheted up yet. jim's studying in the other room, so i'm left to my own useless devices. i don't even feel like reading. i started helen dewitt's 'the last samurai' - but it's so boring that it's making my eyes cross, so i put it down.

oh yes. i won something. me, who never wins anything! remember my 2 summers of research at UT? well, it's part of a program sponsored by the COE (center for excellence). there are about 35 students enrolled in it. at any rate, this year, my abstract - the title of which is so long i'm going to type this wordy explanation instead - was chosen 'outstanding abstract of the year'. i won money too. i'm pretty excited. or i was, before the ennui of today set in.

so, i'm just sitting here on the couch, with the pats and the chargers on the TV set, on mute. i keep staring out the window at the gray sky and thinking i should be doing something........

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