Wednesday, January 24, 2007


i would like to point out that i have posted 4 times in a row without mentioning school. and i actually discussed politics and foreign films (if only how much i cried during said film).

that's because this semester is so incredibly laid back compared to the previous five. perhaps because we enter clinics so soon. i don't know, but it's not nearly as bad. as i said, only 4 core classes - and 3 electives plus 1 class i'm semi-auditing (i dropped zoo med and picked up advanced imaging modalities (CT, MRI, and nuclear med) - whoo). the great news about this is that i'm going to get -- more than likely -- 2 published papers out of this semester. advanced imaging and soft tissue surgery both require a paper - and both professors have offered co-author assistance on these papers (with me being 1st author). these papers would be published by august of my senior year - in time for internship applications, if i decide (in typical masochist fashion) to pursue that route. it's only another year, after all. and at least i'll be a real doctor at that point.

tests start next friday, and then my laxity will resolve itself (hopefully). but i find the thought of one test a week laughably

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