Sunday, January 7, 2007

another odd animal behavior sighting (aka not studying for orthopedics)

so, i'm gonna be a vet - right? as a veterinary student, i feel pretty observant. i watch animals a great deal - wildlife included. especially if i happen to be sitting somewhere near a window and trying to study. yet, i haven't seen that many interesting things happen in the animal world- at least, not as an unobtrusive observer...but two days in a row - i've been privy to random animal behaviors.

i was walking out of the library today, and i passed a trashcan. a squirrel appeared from the depths of said trashcan with an almost whole (2 bites taken, maybe) red delicious apple. it was at least 3/4th the size of the squirrel. the squirrel carried this bright red monstrosity about 15 yards to a tree. he then climbed the tree and sat at the fork of the trunk. he preceded to hold the apple in his little hands and chow down. have any of you ever seen a small, common brown squirrel sitting in a tree with a 1 pound bright red apple?? i hadn't. until today, that is.

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