Tuesday, January 9, 2007

back to school...so soon

it seems like the break passed as quick as a sigh. and it's time again. this semester should be a tiny bit easier than the last 5. we have 3-5 electives. that's great because i won't have class on wednesday or fridays anymore until 1pm (since i have no elective at that time). i love that. plus, i'm taking 2 electives i'm excited about - small animal ultrasound and advanced soft tissue surgery. i also have a zoological med elective, which i'm not totally thrilled about - since it's going to focus heavily on wildlife. but that's 0k. i might swap at the last minute and take another class, but i'm not sure yet. i'm nervous whenever i think about ST surgery. we're going to do some real, hardcore (to us) surgeries this semester, including liver and lung lobectomies (removal of lobes), splenectomies, etc. bloody stuff. no more easy spay/neuter. we also have 2 terminal surgeries. it doesn't bother me much, the animals are research animals and slated for euthanasia as a result of the study they are enrolled in. of course, i'd rather not have to put down any animals, but at least these are not being put down strictly for the benefit of the class...

it's already here again. but hey! only 3 months of classes, then it's into the ivory tower of clinics. and then, after a year during which the vet school owns me and my time, i'm finished. forever. i hope.

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