Monday, January 15, 2007

this was a long post about jane austen and robin mckinley with info about my test tacked on - then i deleted it all b/c it wasn't written well

we had our large animal ortho exam this morning at 8am. i finally slept last night/this morning at 3:30 am. it was a fitful sleep, riddled with unhappy dreams and moments of half-waking. i couldn't always tell where the dreams left off and consciousness began. after 3 hours of this torture, my alarm rang, and i dragged myself into the shower. my exam went fine. after it was over, i continued dragging myself around. i had to organize a great deal of material for our open house duties, then go to class, then spend an hour reviewing histology for my tutoring session, then host a meeting with all of our open house workers, and then tutor. i made it home by 7pm.

my noble plan was to do nothing tonight. i had a brief surge of alertness and motivation, so i dragged my laptop and soft tissue surgery articles out, 'determined' to begin writing my advanced surgery paper. chyeah. here i am, playing on blogger, watching pride&prejudice, and checking myspace occasionally. here's to the art of procrastination. let's all have a drink and go to bed!

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