Tuesday, February 28, 2006

research and other sundries

so, my research is off to a better and much more organized start this summer. i never thought i would say that i enjoy a 9-5 existence (more like 8-1 -but you get the drift). i worked every day last week (starting tuesday) - and our work went well. we're doing something slightly different this summer - something that promises to yield results. we're feeding e. coli beads labeled with a fluorescent dye to our hungry little birdie heterophils. it's interesting and fun. i don't think i'm supposed to type many details - confidentiality of research and whatnot. at any rate, i go in early, draw blood from the research birds, head to the lab, run my samples. i usually finish by 2 (at the latest) - and then i head to the gym. i've been working out steadily every day for almost 2 weeks. i feel good - and i actually look forward to visiting the gym. i sleep better and i just feel more settled mentally and physically. i see why people claim that exercise is good for depression. i ran a mile yesterday. probably not huge for some people, but considering my hatred of running and my generally weak physical condition, i was thrilled with myself. i've been slowly conditioning by doing cardio - on the elliptical and treadmill both. i've also been doing the machines with sharon. my goal is to run 3 miles by the end of summer. we'll see if that happens. i've been good. at any rate, i finish at the gym, come home and have the rest of my night to myself. and i LOVE it. i never want to go back to school. is that bad? it's just nice to have a goal in mind for our work this summer, the expectation of results and a paper (which i will have credit on), and a schedule that allows me free time and a REAL life.

friday was fun. i worked out hard with sharon, then jim and i met dee and alison at wok hay for dinner. it was excellent, as usual. we headed to border's after that for coffee, socializing, and books. saturday was even more busy. i worked out with sharon, then we all went and saw x-men. mediocre movie - entertaining and fun - but a little fluffy for my tastes. after that, i dropped jim off at home - and sharon and i went to the world grotto to see a band play. we met friends, danced, and drank. i wasn't very behaved. i didn't go with the intent of needing a driver -but i wound up needing one. 1 shot of tequila, 3 shots of vodka, and 1 beer later i realized i wasn't driving anywhere. we walked to another club in the old city, hung out till about 2 am, then went back to chuck's place for drinks and gummy bears soaked in everclear. i rolled into bed at around 4am. thank god jim was around to help me get undressed and under the covers, because i would have just slept in my clothes and contacts.

today was low key. tomorrow promises to be busy. going to gvegas to see the family. both of them.

more cool music:

the fray
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silversun pickups

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