Thursday, February 23, 2006

1/2 way to clinics, grades

last night was a great time (1/2 way to clinics party). i got too drunk to drive myself home, so jess's fiancee took me home. sharon made sure i was safely on the couch, and then they went out. i couldn't have gone anywhere else, i could barely see straight. i had a great time. i let out all the tension that's been coiled up tightly inside of me for the last 4 weeks. yeah, yeah, i know - alcohol isn't a good way to manage stress, but whatever. i hadn't had more than one beer in over a month or more. so, it's not like i'm dealing with my stress by drinking. it felt great to completely let loose and be nuts. i danced a lot, and i got to ride the carousel! it was really fun. i did that before i was too drunk, i was afraid i'd get sick if i tried to do it later in the evening. i haven't been on a carousel in years.

so, i'm taking the day off completely. it feels great. of course, i have to clean my nasty house. but even that thought is kind of pleasant. i can actually clean without fearing that it's cutting into my study time.

so, we got our grades back on the pharm test. before the 'adjustment' - the highest grade on the test was a 78% !! that's atrocious. even after the curve, there was only 1 A. pretty abysmal. i made slightly above the average (about 3 points) with a 78. (after the curve). i was entirely fine with that grade. i was afraid it would be much much lower. somebody in our class failed it pretty badly. after the 16 point curve, they still only made a 54. which is really bad, considering that this test is half of our grade. i'm sure it's gotta be stressful for whoever it is. lot of pressure for the final.

i made an A on my zoonoses midterm (took last monday). so...i guess that's all to report from here. that last picture is right before i went home and passed out for 14 hours.

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