Tuesday, February 21, 2006

i have neglected my blog. i don't feel like writing much lately. i'm mostly sick of hearing myself.

we had our ophthalmology midterm on monday, nutrition midterm on the proceeding thurs. both tests went well. ophthal. was long though. it took most people the entire 2 hours to take the 13 page test. all short/long answer, no multiple choice or anything. my kind of test. i usually do well because i like to write and don't make stupid mistakes.

we're in ABLEs this week, which is GREAT, because i need desperately to catch up in all of my other classes. going to brooker for the funeral meant i missed 2 whole days of classes, and i've been frantically studying for tests/quizzes since i got back. it hasn't given me a great deal of time to keep abreast *or anywhere near abreast* of all the work.

and that's it. my life is pretty much the same -- school school and trying not to collapse under the weight of my seeming endless array of neuroses and anxieties.

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