Tuesday, February 7, 2006

not much to report here. today and tomorrow are open house at the vet school. i took the birds today (titus and epi) and thousands (literally) of children gawped, poked, and screamed at them. it was nerve-racking and exhausting. i came home and slept for 4 hours. i needed it desperately. my ophtho final went well. my neuro midterm grade was very disappointing. i knew i didn't do well, but i didn't expect to do as poorly as i did (a 72)! i will have to work especially hard on the final to bring it up to a B+, an A is probably out of the question, since i would need a 100 on the final to do that. i guess it's possible, but highly unlikely.

it's the first C i've made on anything this year. i'm annoyed with myself - mostly because i was so distracted and couldn't make myself focus to study. but whatever.

that's about all here.

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