Saturday, February 11, 2006

downright boring

my blog is becoming, yes. also, yoda-like am i, apparently. it must be reading pharmacology and the desire to bang my head repeatedly against something hard - preferably concrete. our pharm midterm is on thursday. the amount of material i am attempting to cram into my head is staggering. i'd be a lot more worried about this test if i didn't see my panic mirrored on the faces of most of my classmates. ah, to know that i'm in good old-fashioned put it off till the last minute company.

seriously, i've been pretty down lately. school is taking up every available neuron. i haven't even been able to read anything. i've been listening to a lot of good music, though. i've discovered some of pink floyd's early works - especially syd barrett stuff. really good music. and i've been listening to depeche mode a lot, fits my dark and destructive mood. my ipod is probably going to catch on fire, i use it so much. umm. haven't read anything. haven't even finished 'like water for chocolate' - which is shameful, considering how short it is. music and school have been my life lately. i haven't even been in regular contact with my family. my stress is manifesting itself in odd ways.

ahh. i made an A in ophtho. i made a 97% or so on the final. i was very happy with my performance, especially considering that it was the week of grandma's funeral and all that other stuff. i didn't think i'd get enough studying time in, but i guess i did enough. pharm is going to be another story entirely. it'll probably be another neuro semi-fiasco. out of 68 people, there were 16 Ds and 1 F on the neuro midterm! that's a lot for our class. 25% of the class did SUBPAR. made me feel better about my 72. not much, but somewhat.

alright, i guess i've procrastinated my 10 minute break away. back to antiseptics and disinfectants, anti-fungals, chemo, fluoroquinolones, beta-lactams, and everything else - oh my!

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