Monday, February 20, 2006

anything interesting to say?

not really. i ran 2.2 miles last night with jim. it was ungodly humid, and it was not a good run. i've been feeling a little off for the past few days - physically. headachy, stomach queasy. in fact,my stomach talked to my mentor this morning, while i sat in his office. always amusing. when we finished running, i thought that i was going to pass out. the humidity was so high! it wasn't even a hot night really (upper 70s). but i was soaked in sweat. jim took the opportunity to tell me that i was 'dragging' - TWICE. as if i didn't notice:) i had planned on taking the day off from exercising today, but i think i'll go to the gym and do the elliptical or cycle or something that's not running. i say that, but watch - i 'll go to the gym and run 4 miles. last time i got on the elliptical, i only stayed on 5 mins, then switched to the treadmill. running feels so much better. in a significantly more jarring, uncomfortable way.

work is going very well. i'm pleased with the progress of our research, i've got the assay down pat, though i still make stupid mistakes. for instance, i was very preoccupied yesterday when running my hardwon 15 samples. i was really off in la-la land. i went to wash the cells - which should be done with a buffer made specifically for that purpose - and instead, i grabbed a bottle of distilled water. so stupid. i wasted all that work and then had to retrieve the rest of my blood from clin path (not happy about it) - so that i could eek out enough to rerun the samples. luckily, there was enough left.

not much else to talk about. i spent father's day in greeneville with both of my families, had a fairly relaxing weekend. i haven't started any books at the moment. i'm considering what to read next. the end of the affair was good to the end (haha) - although unsurprisingly, it was completely depressing. anyone have any suggestions? i've got the harry potters - but i'm not ready for that just yet.

4 more days till i'm 27:(

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