Wednesday, April 29, 2009


music is a huge part of my life. i try to go to live shows whenever possible. there isn't a single genre that i haven't found some enjoyment in, and every single decade from the 20s onward holds charm for me. when i have an emotional response to a song, it's all out, and i will always have some remnant of that feeling. even years later, i can still hear a song and remember exactly how it made me feel the first time i heard it. so to say the following is a huge deal. i'm gonna say it anyway. the following might be the most beautiful song ever written:

possibly the second:

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Mary said...

You are probably already aware of this since I seem to find out about things after everyone else, but Paste Magazine is pretty cheap, all about music, and you get a free CD of new music every month. I've discovered quite a few new favorite artists this way.