Tuesday, April 14, 2009

media madness

in my recent loads of spare time, i've been trying to catch up on music, books, and some other media. i rely on my best friend and her husband to screen TV shows for me and make recommendations. that way, i can weed out the chaff and only see the creme de la creme. hence, i am currently totally addicted to the new battlestar galactica. the husband and i are working our way through season 1. it's fabulous.

i love death cab for cutie. they've garnered a fair amount of mainstream attention lately, which i find both good (more money = more music) and bad (major attention = overmanagement, loss of musical integrity, and sometimes touring with douchebags a la the avett brothers opening for the dave matthews band - gag). at any rate, the song 'grapevine fires' from the most recent album narrow stairs is beautiful (although incredibly depressing, as all their songs tend to be). the video is amazingly beautiful and achingly sad (as DCfC always is!).

they are going to be at the ryman in nashville. both shows are on days i'm working. they're also going to be in atlanta, but alas - the show is sold out. i'm very sad.

other than music and BSG, i'm occupying myself for the time being.

job interview tomorrow at 10:30am. perhaps i should go to bed.

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