Wednesday, April 8, 2009


my life is rather ho-hum. i will not get into details re: the mention of absolute fury that headed my last post. suffice to say that in 2.5 months, i'll be moving onward and upward.

yesterday, i went and rode the fat horses again with my technician friend, D. it was overcast and sullen. before we left, a few snowflakes drifted down (we had flurries on and off all day yesterday - FLURRIES, in APRIL). today, of course - it's 70 degrees and flawlessly beautiful. i couldn't enjoy it, because i slept till 3pm. i start overnights tonight, so i thought i would sleep very late in preparation for being up all night through monday.

after riding, i rushed home, showered, got prettied up, and attended our local veterinary association monthly dinner meeting. it's always held at restaurants far out of my price range, so i always try and go. free food and drink, fraternizing with other vets, and oftentimes - excellent CE. last night - eh, not so much. but my bison ribeye (yes, bison) was fabulous, tender, and rich.

i rescheduled the job interview i was supposed to have on monday for next wednesday. i actually got up to drive (3.5 hours, 1 way), stood in the shower, and realized that my exhaustion was so complete that driving 7 hours round-trip was not an option. they were happy to reschedule. i spent most of the day sleeping.

i also have another job interview lined up. this would put us squarely back in the place we lived for the past 9 years while the husband and i attended undergrad and grad school. no complaints here...close to home, close to family, close to everything. it's not asheville, but i would be content just the same.

not much else to report here. work was busy this past weekend, but it was still slower than the average weekend. not that i'm complaining. my job is secure until the internship is over.

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