Sunday, April 19, 2009


the second part of the vaccine post will be done shortly, i swear to it. it's a really difficult subject to sum up neatly in one relatively short post.

i'd post something about veterinary medicine, but it's been 2 weeks since i there isn't much to say. i've enjoyed my time off, i won't lie. i spent a week with my 2 best friends and my husband in our old hometown. i got to see my parents and siblings, as well as my in-law parents and siblings, played the new guitar hero (metallica), went to an avett brothers show, downloaded tons of new music (which i'm still working through, slowly), rode the fat horses, went to the gym, had a job interview, and generally relaxed. it's been thoroughly enjoyable. thoughts of work intruded for the first 3-4 days, but after i'm over it.

i have 2 more job interviews lined up. this will bring the grand total to 5 interviews. the dream job is supposed to be contacting me this week. i'm not holding my breath for that position. in fact, honestly - i've 98% given up on it. there's a tiny bit of me hoping that - against all odds - they will pick me. but i'm being realistic. the absolute crap interview i went to - they contacted me to let me know they hired someone. i was terribly sad, but i suppose i'll somehow trudge onward. i had another last week. i haven't heard from them yet, but i should be hearing soon. the other 2 pending interviews are in franklin, tn (near nashville) and lexington, ky. i also have another likely one floating around out there in brentwood (also near nashville, very rich area).

we saw the avett brothers in concert last night. fabulous, as usual. they never disappoint.

that's it. i go back to work tomorrow, so i'm sure i'll have interesting stuff to post. maybe too interesting...we shall see.


Mara said...

2 weeks off!?!?!I'm jealous!

Superior Parrot said...

Hey, I live in Lexington, if you're not familiar with the place.