Tuesday, April 28, 2009

my job isn't ALWAYS this depressing

i haven't posted much because last week sucked so bad. i worked monday through thursday on internal medicine. everything - and i mean EVERYTHING - i touched died. not because of me, mind you - they all had terrible diseases - but ... still. after working a 13 hour shift on thursday, i had to get up at the crack of dawn to drive to franklin, tennessee for a job interview. lots of trying not to fall asleep while driving ensued (5 hours round trip). the job interview itself was great, and the job was pretty much offered to me on the spot. if the money was (is?) good enough, then i might take it. i dunno though. franklin is flat, far from family, and far from the husband's hobbies (namely kayaking). saturday, i worked in relief/day clinic for 6 hours. it was a busy saturday, but i loved it. afterwards, i rushed home to change into my interview clothes so i could drive to knoxville for a job interview (3.5 hours round trip). unfortunately, it wasn't for a job IN knoxville. the guy drove down from lexington, ky. that interview left me feeling equivocal...i'm not sure about it.

sunday i was supposed to go to the georgia aquarium for a hill's conference and to check out the place. i politely bailed on my friend so i could sleep. and boy did i sleep! something like 18 hours.

monday, i had to take my white kitty in for nasal biopsies. he's been sneezing with mucopurulent nasal discharge for about 2 months. i've been hoping that benign neglect would cure the problem, but it is worsening...so to work we went for xrays and biopsies.

today, i shopped for groceries, rode the fat horse (it was VERY hot, so it was a shortish ride), and made dinner. now, i have some work to do...

i have 2 more interviews set up for ER clinics - one in lexington, SC and one in NC. the one in NC pays an incredible salary. thankfully, both are putting me up in hotels, so no nightmarish, round-trip drives.

thrilling, eh?

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Beloved Parrot said...

Lexington is a very nice place to live. Really. We've got two universities and everything. And lots of people who like to ride around in boats in the water as well as a nice assortment of music. ;-)