Saturday, May 2, 2009

the job hunt

job #1 (aka THE DREAM JOB): they liked me a great deal, but interestingly enough, an internal medicine specialist applied for the job, so they decided to start a mini-specialty practice instead of hiring a GP. thus, i am out. (asheville, NC)

job #2 (worst interview EVER): hired someone else. no sorrow there. (antioch, TN)

job #3 (great diagnostics/therapies, old hospital): oddly, have not heard from them, don't know when or if i will... (jefferson city, TN)

job #4 (gorgeous clinic, limited medicine): clicked with owner amazingly well, loved the clinic itself, tentatively offered job - trying to work out finances. negatives: in the middle of tennessee (flat), cost of living 50% higher in that area, farther from family/friends/anyone i know and love. still working that one out. (franklin, TN)

job #5 (haven't seen clinic in kentucky, owner met me for dinner/interview midway): i got really weird vibes from this owner. he spent the first 30 minutes of the "interview" bitching about his employees and how he can't get them to do anything he wants. have not followed up on that one, although he did invite me to kentucky for an interview. (lexington, KY)

so, it's been a bust so far (mostly), and i'm feeling very down in the mouth about the whole job search. this is what's pending:

metropolitan NC - emergency clinic, amazing salary (80,000 + 27% production), all the toys, good word of mouth about them. i'm heading down on monday morning to do a working interview on monday night, followed by a formal interview on tuesday morning.

lexington, SC - also an ER clinic. it hasn't opened yet, so i'd be there at the beginning of this clinic, which is kind of cool. has all the toys i like (digital xray, etc). on the other hand, i know no one at all in that area, and south carolina is kinda hot, flat, and sandy. i'm going there for a working interview on friday, may 15.

brentwood, TN - this hasn't been confirmed yet, although they are conversing with me via email and are interested in me coming down for an interview.

this sucks. i know i have high standards for where i work, and i know i'm picky...but sheesh. 2 of my internmates already have firm job offers - and 1 has already accepted a job. any words of wisdom from anyone who has done the job dance before? this is my first real foray out into the world of REAL jobs, and i'm not liking it one bit.


DrSteggy said...

Just a FWIW--that guy in KY is giving me a great big red flag. If he can't get employees to do what he wants it says to me either he doesn't have a really clear idea (and changes his mind continually, confusing people) or his training is abysmal. I might go to that interview if he's paying (and Lexington is nice, if you've never been--if you do go, have dinner at Tachibana--best sushi in town!) and see his place and chat up the staff without him around.

I've worked for a few guys who did nothing but bitch about staff--and it was not the staff that was the actual problem. Plus, if he drags that out IMMEDIATELY at an interview--something is WAY UP.

good luck!

Can'tSpell, DVM said...

Of the two times I did the job hunt thing, I had places both times that didn't ever contact me again after an interview- which I thought was kinda unprofessional. Other places called with either offers or regrets. The KY guy is giving me the willies as well. I'd stay clear of him, though I agree Lexington is a beautiful area. Very horsey, if you're into that. A new e-clinic could be good or bad. The one in I think it was NC or SC with the great pay watch out- sounds like a high cost of living area and you may not have as much left over as you think you will. I take it you're wanting to stay in the south??? Good luck!!!!

Superior Parrot said...

Beloved Parrot here: If you'd like to give me his name (Lexington KY guy) I can check him out with some of the folks at the premier avian vet clinic in Lexington (Pennyroyal Small & Exotic Animal Hospital; Dr. Bianca Zaffarano). Completely confidential. Of course, I'll understand completely if you'd rather not -- and I do agree that if things are always the employees' fault it's always NOT the employees' fault.

If it's Gilpin I can tell you my personal experiences (not overly positive).