Saturday, May 30, 2009


i think i'm being ineffective in my methods of convincing people to hospitalize their animals tonight.

in the last 6 hours, i have sent home the following:

1) a cat with heart failure as a result of his overactive thyroid - in severe respiratory distress, requiring oxygen therapy and lasix. he was certainly NOT stable.

2) a 6 week old, laterally recumbent poodle puppy with hemorrhagic diarrhea and a blood glucose of 44 (normal 70-100). she likely had parvo, but her owner had no money, didn't qualify for care credit, and declined euthanasia.

3) a 6 year old shih-tzu with hemolytic anemia, a PCV of 10% (normal 35-45%), and copious vomiting. i was able to give her a blood transfusion, as the owners had some money, but she will be going home to TTJ at some other date likely.

4) a ferret with a likely foreign body obstruction and sepsis. owners don't have money for surgery.

the ONLY patient i've kept is a 15 year old dog on 9 different medications with no current problem that requires hospitalization. the owner just wants her here for observation. lucky for us, she has separation anxiety and pretty much spazzes out non-stop despite multiple doses of torb, ace, and valium.


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Mara said...

There's nothing better than the nights that every patient goes home after signing an AMA form. *sigh*