Thursday, May 12, 2005

a wasted evening/morning

i went to mckays yesterday - with alison - to find a nice, light summer read to kick off the start of my 'freedom'..and i picked up nelson demille's newest, 'night fall', about the crash of TWA800. i started it at midnight last night, after i got back from alison's place. i tore through all 500 pages in about 6.5 hours - because the story was riveting and who doesn't love a good conspiracy theory? but the book was a crushing disappointment. the author builds and builds this story and you're sucked in, drooling, desperate for a climax. and then - you realize that you are 10 pages from the end of the book, and nothing has been remotely resolved. not a good feeling. then - enter the dues ex machina - albeit a real one - but a plot device nonetheless - and suddenly all the suspense and building tension is meaningless. it SUCKED. i'm so mad that i stayed up till 6:30 reading it, then 8am fuming that i wasted time reading it. you know it's bad when you actually stay up because you're too mad to sleep. i can't believe that an author like demille would resort to a stupid ending ... but he did. turns out, while writing the book, demille realized he'd 'written himself into a corner' - and asked his son for a suggestion on how to end the book. and i guess that explains why it is crap? ugh.

on the bright side, i got a nice copy of tolstoy's anna karenina - which i've been meaning to go back and read since my freshman year in college. i started it during the semester and found it very interesting. unfortunately, i didn't have time to finish it...being like 4000000 pages or something. so i bought it to read. jim's got a copy lying around somewhere, but it's nice and hardback, so i didn't want to break the spine or anything. i also got midwives, which i've been wanting to read ever since it popped up on oprah's (Read: satan) book club. i don't know what i'm going to read next. i'm so disillusioned! i guess i should start with a classic, something slow and weighty that i know will be good.

anyway, i start real work on wednesday of next week - but i have 2 stupid orientations to go to on monday and tues - so i guess my fun ends this weekend. i am getting a week off mid-july to go to the beach with my family. and i also get the 3 weeks off prior to school starting. i have a feeling that summer is going to bolt by...

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