Thursday, May 26, 2005

heartstopping moment

so we went to rhiannon's house tonight to look over our 'maybe' living arrangement. we're thinking about moving in with her in about a month's time. she has a 3000sq foot house with a huge basement that has a shower, sauna, and toilet - and room enough for us to set up a little house of our own down there, while still sharing the upstairs den and living room - even though we'd have our own living area downstairs. plus, she has parrots too - and we could share parrot responsibilities - etc. but i have trepidations, as is probably easily predicted. the rent would be GREAT, as would the rest of the bills. probably half of what we pay now. but i still don't know...

anyway, so we left her house and drove out south hills dr to where it meets the main rd that dumps onto alcoa highway. where south hills meets the main road is a very bad blind curve. it was 10p and very dark, and as we came up on the curve, i noticed 3 cars pulled over with hazards lights on. a moment later, i saw people clustered on the other side of the road, looking at something on the ground. jim says 'someone hit a dog' - and i thought he saw the dog. i started to get out to offer to take it to UT - when i see FEET sprawled out. my heart plummetted into my shoes. i sat back down and gasped to jim 'it's a person.' jim, of course, is not a panicker. he is also trained in CPR and first aid. so he jumps out to help. i just kind of sit there, too afraid to look, because i didn't want to see a dead person. he eventually comes back. it turned out to be an 11 yr old kid that was riding his bike on the street at 10 oclock at night, and a woman came around the blind curve and hit him. luckily, the curve is so bad, she couldn't have been going very fast. but, he did have a broken leg, by the looks - and was bloodied. but he was conscious and the ambulance was in hearing range - at that point. probably one of the more disturbing moments of my life. we left, because there wasn't anything to do - and the police and ambulance had arrived. but gawd. left me a bit queasy.

sooo. yeah. i feel like talking about the book i just finished. but it seems frivolous after that story. but the kid was alive and looked like he was going to stay that way, so i guess i can talk about lighter subjects, right? i read 'the clan of the cave bear' - in paperback - all 500 densely packed pages of it. i tried to read it all in one night, but at 5:15, everything looked really odd and my hands kept seeming to grow and shrink on the page i was holding. i figured it was time to sleep then. i finished it yesterday. really good book. i was surprised. i picked it up on whim and couldn't put it down. of course, there are 5 more books in the 'saga' - so i had to gather some old books i didn't want and take them to mckays for trade credit, so i could get the rest. i learned, after buying them, that the series took a nosedive after the 2nd book. but oh well. i'll see what i think. i read reviews of 3, 4, and 5 on amazon, and they were not favorable. most of them called the later books trashy caveman porn. which is disappointing, because the first one was really really good. it was researched (supposedly) in great depth, with details about plants and animals of the ice age - it was just riveting reading - not pornographic at all. so, i'm curious to see if they really do go downhill. i have a sinking feeling they will.

guess that's all to report here. i actually have work tomorrow for the majority of the day. exciting, eh?

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