Wednesday, May 4, 2005


this is catherine ashe, reporting live from just this side of hell. you might think i'm referring to los angeles or a third world country like ethiopa, where they have REAL problems - but no, i'm referring to finals week. i just finished my fourth final - parasitology. i have 2 more left - epidemiology and micro anatomy. at this point, i have 2 As (virology and CCE) and 1 B (phys). i don't know any other grades - at this juncture.

finals suck. i'm running on around 4 hours of good sleep per night - and short naps (2 hours) during the day. i keep telling myself TWO ....... MORE ..... DAYS. then it's over. i think i have an ulcer. every time i eat, my stomach burns horribly, and i can't finish a whole meal. i've also been in major gastrointestinal distress since the week started. it's been fun all around.


i'm going to take a nap now, before i die of cotton-stuffed headedness.

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