Thursday, May 5, 2005


hello chickens. i've passed exhausted and move straight into total delirium. in a little more than 14 hours, i will be finished with my first year of vet school. i can't tell you how happy that makes me. all the vets i talked to told me what a great time vet school is - how much fun you have - etc. and while yes, i have made lifelong friends and discovered things about myself that i never knew - and been more stressed than i ever thought possible - i don't think you could pay me any sum of money to live through it again. but -- on the other hand -- when i think about graduating and living in the real world, it kinda makes me sad. school is great. it takes up all my time, sucks up all my mental powers - all my strength and sanity - and yet - all i have to do every day is go to school and learn. and hang out/study with people whose company i really enjoy. not so truly bad, is it?

i made an A on my parasitology midterm, which absolutely blows my mind. i didn't get to do any studying except for the day before - which was awful...but i made an A on the final and kept my A in the class. YAY. oh wait, grades don't matter in vet school, right? ha. i made a C in anatomy, as predicted. but i can't complain, considering i BOMBED the final *128.5/200 points* -- i wish i had done better, it would have been nice to get a better grade this fall, but i have friends who made Ds, so i can't really bitch about it.

so at this point: CCE: A, Parasit: A, Virology: A, Phys: B, Gross: C - leaving Epidemiology (took today - GRUELING) and Micro (in the morning). Epidemiology was mentally exhausting. the test revolved around general concepts of research and also 3 lengthy articles, which we were to read in great detail prior to the test and dissect into minutaie (spelling?) - it took me the full 2 hours - and by the time i left - my brain was aching. i came home, took 2 aspirin and 2 sudafed, and slumbered for a good 3.5 hours. and now i'm here, marooned in the computer lab - studying for my LAST FINAL of FIRST YEAR.

ok, to work now. kisses.

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