Monday, May 9, 2005

filling the void

well, i'm finished. it feels real now, because i got the other 2 grades i wasn't sure about today - epidemiology and micro anatomy. so, my final grades for the semester:

Parasitology: A
Virology: A
Epidemiology: A
Micro Anatomy: B+
Physiology: B
Gross Anatomy : C+

yes, it sucks, i did make a C+ again in Anatomy, but it really doesn't matter - because i survived this semester with most of my mental health - and made purty darn good grades. except for gross! it's a great feeling knowing that i want to take a nap - at 5pm - and that i can - no guilt, no worries, no responsibilities. of course, my house is filthy and disgusting and all my school paraphenalia from this semester needs organizing, categorizing, and storage- but i can ignore that until i wake up...

i have big plans for this summer. lots of reading, relaxing, napping -- parrot research...i'm looking forward to the rejuvenation. i'm also - strangely - already looking forward to next year and all the challenges it's going to bring. ok, honestly - i'm really looking foward to being in the 2nd year classroom - and never having to sit in the AWFUL first year classroom again. for those of you who haven't seen it - the 1st year classroom is designed to hold about 50 people and AV equipment and a professor - but we had 70 crammed in there. all the desks were right on top of one another and one couldn't sneeze or stretch without spraynig or kicking someone (respectively). it's not designed for maximum visibility or acoustics either. basically, it's a crowded, dark room. the 2nd year classroom - on the other hand - is tiered (like the new movie theaters) with heavily padded, movie-theater style chairs - at least 1 foot on any side before you touch another desk or person, a movie screen type LCD screen that comes down from the ceiling - and good lighting. it's like going from night to day. i'm so excited to be in that room next year. i've also decided that i'm going into next year with a different (eg positive) attitude. . .!

so, i guess i could talk more about my summer plans - but that nap sounds awfully good right now.

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