Monday, May 30, 2005

busy-ness unsurpassed

this weekend was insane. for having 3 days, it seemed to go by awfully quick. friday night, i drove to greeneville by myself (jim having gone down thurs night) for sammy's graduation. we ate at zaxby's beforehand, went to the school, sat in miserable discomfort inside the hal henard gym, then went back to hang out and eat more at jim's parents. it was fun. unfortunately, i had to drive back at 11pm - due to a friend's wedding in nashville on saturday. i slept briefly, then got up, did some errands, straightened the house, cleaned the birds, fed the cages (haha), and then deb and sharon met me at my house, and we drove 3 hours to nashville.

ryan (a vet school compadre) and lacey got married at the cedarvine manor in lebanon. it was a lovely wedding, and since i was there with good friends - most of whom i hadn't seen since school adjourned almost a month ago - i had a great time. eating, dancing, drinking, dancing, and drinking. after the wedding, we went back to fiddy's house in brentwood (guy pal from school too) with 2 bottles of champagne - and sat on the patio under a starry sky with marshmallows and a fire. till 2am. we then adjourned indoors, where we sat up and giggled well into the wee small hours of the night. up promptly at 9am (10am eastern time), left at 11 (12 EST) - and got home around 3, only to unpack, shower off the smell of woodsmoke, have dinner, and meet up with friends to see star wars at west towne mall.

monday was no slower - with a cookout and family get together in greeneville. rather stressful, considering i am babysitting dee and alie's dog - river - a responsibility i take very seriously. river is very well-trained and obedient - but also highly attention deficit...! it was an interesting today with a few minor mishaps...nothing damaging thankfully. and now, here i am - home, exhausted, drained, ready for bed. i actually have to do something work-wise tomorrow - meet with my COE advisor and plan out the course of the experiment/research. which doesn't start till next week. . .

i guess that's all to report here. i'm sure there is other stuff - but i'm too fried mentally to think of it. good night.

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