Tuesday, May 17, 2005


i went and saw 'crash' with sharon tonight at downtown west. it's a movie about racial tensions. not something i would normally see, as hollywood is such a skewed mess of self-aggrandizing, idiotic liberals. but the movie was good. it was less about racism than about hatred and segregation based on perceived stereotypes (or is that just another way of saying racism). i appreciated the movie on many levels. i'm sure it was flawed, but the movie didn't force awareness of its flaws on me (unlike revenge of the sith, which was just swill). the movie was beautifully filmed and the acting was amazing. it might have been just slightly too pat - the coincidences too perfect. i don't know. but it was a riveting movie. there were some parts that were so gut-wrenching and edge of the seat that i will probably not forget them for some time. there was one scene in particular that just grabbed me and held me. but i can't ruin it, lest some of you see it eventually. at any rate, i highly recommend it. i haven't given it a lot of critical, analytical thought, it's not a movie that lends itself to that - at least not on the surface. but i still enjoyed it thoroughly.

school starts in a month. it seems like a long time, but i know it won't be. it's interesting to me that i can realize that as much as i'm looking forward to it now, i'm going to be wishing it were over soon, too. how can both things be true? or perhaps i will go into school with a much improved attitude this fall and really enjoy the entire year. but then, vet school can crush you down sometimes..................ah well. it's all about attitude, right papa?

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