Friday, August 5, 2011

Work and sundries

The last 2 nights I have work have been dreadfully slow. I saw three patients on Wednesday night and three on Thursday. Other than the perforated intestines, nothing was really interesting. Run-of-the-mill stuff like ear hematomas and the like. Thus, not much to discuss re: veterinary medicine.

I started insulin yesterday - before eating and before bedtime. It's not bad, since the needles are very small - just frustrating and annoying. I continue to follow the diabetic diet. One day at a time is how I'm taking this.

The SUV will cost $1500 to fix. We haven't made any decisions about what we're going to do yet. At the moment, it resides in the garage while we decide. We're not in a place to buy a car at the moment, as most of our available funds are going to save for maternity leave. We have excellent credit, so we could buy a car on credit - but we've never had car payments before, and I see no reason to start now. At the moment, the husband is home all day working, so 2 cars is really a luxury we don't need. Thus, we aer not making any decisions at the moment. There's no super rush, although we will need a 2nd car when Evaline gets here.

No other real developments. Chicken Biscuit has been doing fine at home. He hates me and won't let me touch him or come near him, he runs in terror. He will get in bed with Jim though, so he's coming around. I haven't decided when/if we are going to do surgery to remove his bladder stones. It might permanently scar him.

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