Monday, August 29, 2011

Back again

It was a fun but exhausting weekend. We left Thursday around 11am and arrived in Destin, Florida at 9pm. It was a long drive, and I think I saw the inside of every single gas station bathroom between Florida and North Carolina. All in all, the trip wasn't too bad. My wonderful husband did all the driving, so that I could sit like a lazy, pregnant sack of potatoes.

I've only been to the panhandle of Florida once before that I remember - as an 11 or 12 year old for church camp. I didn't recall how beautiful the sea is there. Destin especially was gorgeous. The sea is blue-green - like Hawaii but not quite as brilliant. The sand was like sugar.

It was a beautiful weekend, and my friend was the most gorgeous bride I have ever seen. We enjoyed time on the beach, around the pool, with good friends (including one I had only ever met on Facebook and now blogs too). There was lots of beer, champagne, and liquor. Of course, I could not imbibe - but my husband made up for both of us.

Lots of random people rubbed my belly, which didn't bother me much. Everyone loves a pregnant woman. I didn't get enough sleep, and by the time the wedding was finished, my ankles were enormous. I also burst some capillaries in my legs. So, all in all, I probably overdid it. It was all in the name of my friend's wedding though...and totally worth it.

Back to work tonight, veterinary stories to come.

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