Saturday, August 13, 2011

Whoo, it's Friday, Friday...

Not that the actual day means anything to me. I still have 2 more nights to work until I'm off. It was a busy night in the ER. We hit the ground running at 6pm and didn't stop until close to 5am. I saw many interesting cases: a proptosed eye that I removed, a dog with severely low platelets and a serious bleeding problem, a cat with an inexplicable post-mass removal anemia, a blocked kitty, a vomiting dog, a couple of euthanasias, an old dog with acute onset of vestibular disease, and on and on. It was exhausting, I won't lie. The only reason I'm still up is because I have to check my post-breakfast blood glucose before I can lie down. I won't fib - gestational diabetes is downright inconvenient. I guess that's true with any disease, so I should stop complaining - as mine is relatively mild. Despite being busy last night, I was able to keep on my eating schedule well, so that was an improvement.

Not much else to report. I'll post about some interesting cases when I'm less sleepy.

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