Monday, April 4, 2011


So, my assumption prior to becoming pregnant was always that I would go straight back into ER medicine at my job. My maternity leave is 2 months. Now that my husband has reported that he thinks he can defend this summer, the possibility that he may be employed come fall raises some interesting possibilities.

With everything that has been going on lately and my general state of mind, I am tempted to not go back right away after the baby is born. Of course, this all hinges on my husband finding a job come fall, which is not a guarantee. If he does however, I could take my time, maybe give up ER medicine for a while, stay home, then work part-time at a GP practice (or full time). There are options, right?

These thoughts perk me up and make me feel much better about the current situation. All is not hopeless. I have a DVM, I can do so much. I won't lie, the thought of having my weekends free (like a normal person) is very appealing to me. So is the thought of having a "regular" job.

I don't know, but my previously firmly entrenched priorities are shifting around underneath me like quicksand. I never saw myself as a stay-at-home or even predominantly stay-at-home mother. My job has always been rewarding and challenging. Now I am faced with the prospect of a new job and a new challenge, and everything is changing in focus.

These are interesting times indeed.


Fi from Four Paws and Whiskers said...

You will go back... but yes, options are good.
Hormones will wreak havoc with you before this is all over..
Take time and enjoy the journey, the baby, the time together. Work part time... keep your hand in, earn an income, but you can never get the time back with your child.
I have four children - I worked regularly as a vet, but took a few months off for them all, and worked part time rather than full time if I could. When I did work full time I had a live-in nanny for them. Later, I stuck to 8.30 - 2.00 days with less on call - and had the best of both worlds... day nanny, weekly housekeeper and lots of great family time.

Mary said...

When your husband starts work, does he have a job in the area, or is there a chance you'll have to move for that?

Going to college, I always thought I'd want a high-powered job, but after working for a while, I've also realized it's not what I want. Life is way too short.

I've been reading some early retirement stuff and trying to figure out if we can make any of it work -- downsizing my house expectations, living differently than I thought, blah blah

When my job ends (I don't talk about it but I'm closing down a company) I hope to be able to take some time off and let the craziness subside.

Good luck working through all the thoughts that are swirling around in your head!

thelearningvet said...

I think every new mom has to explore this new world in her own way. I remember thinking to myself (also someone who never previously saw myself as a stay-at-home mom) that maybe I would want to stay home. Then I thought, I'll just go back part-time. That was a disaster. Trying to fit 40 hours' worth of seeing patients and making phone calls to keep people happy into half that amount of time is not possible, and no one was happy. So I went back full time and feel I'm a better mom as a result.