Wednesday, April 27, 2011


An anonymous blogger asked me to comment on any adjustments I've had to make at work. Honestly, at the moment, there have been practically zero. My techs take all the xrays, so I haven't had to set foot in there since announcing my pregnancy. We are progressive about anesthesia in that we don't box or mask animals down. I'm careful in anesthesia to not be around the patients when they are recovering, which is when the most dangerous of the sevoflurane is exhaled.

So far, the schedule has not been too difficult/challenging. The hardest part has been my non-stop insomnia. For the past 2 weeks, I have been unable to sleep for more than 1-2 hours at a time. I wake up after this time period and just lie in bed. I'm not stressing about the baby or how much there is to do, but the insomnia just seems to worsen. It's very frustrating. Sometimes I have to work when I haven't been sleeping at all.

As you can imagine, this makes me not the super friendliest person in the world. I'm not nasty or mean, just quiet and uninvolved in what is occurring around me.
I guess this makes me seem standoffish or aloof, but it really has nothing to do with work. It's just me, tired and hormonal.

Other than this insomnia, my pregnancy is going well. Work adjustments have been minuscule so far. I guess we'll see how it is once my belly is too big for me to reach the surgery table...

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Mary said...

I've wondered how you've done it in your profession since there are days I can hardly concentrate and I'm not dealing with life or death. Not only is there the exhaustion, but the fog, where you feel like you've taken too much cough medicine.

And thanks for the reassurance about the caffeine-if it only weren't for the aspartame, I'd feel a lot better about Diet Coke!