Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Fun parts of being pregnant

So, there are all kinds of little "perks" to being pregnant. I say "perks" because they are anything but. I've always been a bit moody, this is true. It's definitely worsened by the pregnancy though. Today, we went to get groceries at Target. Since we were already there, we took a spin down the baby aisle. It was very exciting to look at bassinets and cribs. Then we got in line. We managed to get behind a (surprisingly calm-looking) mother of 4, including a tiny newborn. Said newborn's face was all scrunched up, and he was wailing as if the world was ending. I kid you not when I say that my eyes actually welled up with tears. I HATE crying, especially!!!! in public!!! Luckily, I was able to bite the inside of my cheek really hard and stop the tears from flowing. Yet still, every time I think back on that little baby's pitiful wails, I could cry again!

Last night, my husband and I got into an argument about our dog. I have legitimate feelings I was trying to express, but it quickly degenerated into me losing it entirely and screaming/crying at him. It was not my calmest moment.

At work, my fuse seems to be shorter. That may have to do with how sluggish we've been. We were busy all weekend, but despite the physical exhaustion, mentally, I felt good. My techs might disagree with this assessment.

Overall, I feel like I am fairly level, but my husband may disagree with this, as well. Physically, I feel good - so that's definitely on the plus side of things!


Learning said...

I highly recommend buying one of those CDs with babies crying to help your dog get used to the sounds. One of the added benefits of doing so, I discovered, is that it will help desensitize you and your husband to those sounds as well! Start at very low, almost inaudible levels, hit loop-repeat, and gradually increase the volume.

Holly said...

Even now, when my babies are grown, I cannot hear babies cry without wanting to comfort them. Not long ago I had to leave a craft store where there was a tiny baby that was crying so hard s/he could not catch his/her breath. The mother seemed unconcerned about the wailing child, but for me it created a visceral feeling of needing to take the baby and comfort it. I had to leave.

I still remember also, being pregnant with my last child and feeling so cranky all the time that I finally said to a co-worker, I have no reason to be so unhappy but I could bite a nail in half right now! She nodded, and said "yep, I was that way too!".

Amy said...

Hate to tell you this but you'll probably have raging hormones until about 6mths after you give birth... The good news is either you get better at controlling them (ie bite your tongue) and they aren't always going full force. I had to apologize several times to my co-worker too... their comment "eh you're pregnant, it's understandable" and eventually told me to quit apologizing. My problems was remembering to think about what I was about to say before biting someone's head off (and MAN that was hard becuase now the insults/sarcasm just rolled of my tongue soooo quickly now.) Take hope. This too shall pass :)